what we believe

Giving Back

Volunteering is important to us because we are aware of the many opportunities we have been given. So we give back whenever possible by donating our time, money or expertise to help enrich our communities and the environment we live in. At work, we strive to see the entire picture and make things better, and these values integrate seamlessly into our lives. Some simple examples:

  • We helped to revive a neighborhood association to restore the beauty and significance of historic local parks.
  • We contribute to the advancement of equal rights for all.
  • We are big supporters of animal causes, to provide safety and care for those that cannot help themselves.
  • We offer employees two paid days off per year to volunteer their time at their favorite charity.
  • We do not keep paper files. Everything is stored electronically to reduce our paper consumption. We recycle whenever possible.
  • We are committed to integrating sustainable practices into our business practices, such as using compact fluorescent bulbs in all of our light fixtures (which last six to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs and use 80% less energy).
  • We carry briefcases made entirely from recycled materials and made right here in New England.

updated: 8 years ago