our inspired clients

Our Inspired Clients

Our Inspired Clients

Almost all of our clients were referred to us by
another client, and they’re all willing to provide
references. Here are just
some of our advocates:

Client List

  • The Family Center, Inc
  • Commonwealth Psychology Associates
  • Center For Life Solutions
  • The Danielsen Institute
  • Gony Halevi, LMHC
  • Meg Striepe, PhD
  • And many more....

"Streamline has literally transformed our billing.  And you have...helped us enormously to put better administrative/billing policies and procedures in place.  Our administrative staff is stronger than ever and you really helped us to get to this place.  I have said...on a number of occasions that signing on with Streamline was the best professional decision I have made."

Cara Ellis, The Danielsen Institute

updated: 7 years ago