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Creditialing Services

Creditialing Services

They don’t teach this stuff in school,
and you didn’t enter the field because
you love monotonous paperwork.

We don’t hate insurance credentialing (obtaining in-network status
with major health insurance panels). In fact, we excel at it.

We’re ridiculously organized about it, and have it down to a science.
Accuracy is crucial: We double and triple-check, so if an error is
ever made, it’s always caught in time. We have an unparalleled level
of attention to detail, which is crucial for credentialing success.

We have the right contacts at the insurance companies to be able
to get the credentialing information to the payors quickly and help
fix any problems very easily. We can also provide re-credentialing
and change-of-information assistance with all insurance providers.

updated: 7 years ago